Inequality is multidimensional, yet most of the extensive research on the causes and consequences of inequality has been mono-disciplinary.

The ambition of PIREAU is to facilitate true interdisciplinary research at the highest international level and thereby make a significant contribution to our understanding of inequality.

PIREAU is funded by Aarhus University and hosts more than 70 participants from eight departments, including Clinical Medicine, Economics and Business Economics, Dentistry and Oral Health, Law, Political Science, Psychology, Public Health, and the Danish School of Education.

Professor Carsten Jensen is director of PIREAU. The steering committee consists of Vice-Dean Hans Erik Bøtker, Vice-Dean Niels Mejlgaard, Professor Henrik Toft Sørensen, and Professor Carsten Jensen.

PIREAU has launched a number of projects that include participants from different departments. You can learn more about the projects on the page 'Projects'. The plan is to launch more projects in the future.